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September 12, 2016 / / Information Technology
September 11, 2016 / / America
September 10, 2016 / / Information Technology

I completed setting up the test environment I described in the previous post. As I described, this is what I have sitting out there right now, utilizing some newly added capacity at a couple of co-lo sites.

September 6, 2016 / / Information Technology

Because I’m a nerd, on Saturday morning I started developing the topologies I’m going to use to conduct some more thorough VyOS testing.

September 2, 2016 / / Information Technology
September 1, 2016 / / Information Technology
August 26, 2016 / / Information Technology

We’ve had a few summer interns around the office this summer… As they are getting ready to head back to school for the fall semester, one of them asked if I had any advice. This is what I sent:

August 14, 2016 / / Battlestation
July 24, 2016 / / Economics

The real lesson of The Blacklist is “never trust the government … even if you have to.” Not many shows are both anti-state in their narrative and enjoyable at the same time. The Blacklist, however, deserves to be watched. If there is one show that takes the government for what it is, i.e., a “bandit gang” as Rothbard called it, it would be The Blacklist.