The Peaceful Transfer of Power?

Just a quick missive about this thing we call “America.”

At every inauguration featuring a party change, we are entreated to thought pieces and punditry comments about “the peaceful transfer of power.”  Elections are held, the people express their will, and then to some degree or another, the course of our nation and its government is altered.

It’s a laudable phenomenon.  The thing that makes it work, and perhaps more importantly, the thing that makes it tolerable to the party that has to surrender that power, is the notion that all things are temporary, and that the next election holds the potential for steering the course of the country back onto a path you find more agreeable.

Now imagine what would happen if people did not believe this…

What if elections, in fact, didn’t have consequences?  Imagine that, after expressing the desire for a change, the will of the electorate was stymied or overturned by thousands of petty bureaucrats embedded like ticks in every nook and cranny, who can’t be held accountable at the ballot box…

If the illusion that change is possible and achievable through the act of benign participation, in the form of elections, is stripped away – what must inevitably follow?

It is only this belief that keeps the peace.  Absent that belief, change is only possible via far less benign mechanisms.

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