Missing in Action

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, largely as the result being completely swamped at work.  I’ve been in the midst of data center builds and consolidations, both here in Northern Virginia, and in Denver, CO.


  • Arista 7260CX-64 Spine switching
  • Arista 7060CX-32S Leaf switching
  • 100G Leaf/Spine Connectivity
  • Dell PowerEdge R730XD compute hosts
    • 1TB+ RAM
    • 2TB PCIe SSD (ScaleIO)
    • Broadcom 57404 Dual-port 25G NICs
    • 100G->4x25G Breakout cabling
    • 50Gbps per host

I’ve been having fun, and it’s fast.  Still not done yet, but I’ve hit “Initial Operating Capability.”  The rest is simply expansion.

And no… That’s not a picture of my data center…  But when you’ve seen one, you’ve kind of seen them all.  I’ll get some real glamour shots once everything is finished.

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