SecDef: Kindly Fuck Off

Marine Corps Times:
Marine recruiters told not to wear uniforms after attack

The military services have taken swift action to increase security after Thursday’s shootings in Tennessee, even closing some facilities and telling Marine recruiters not to wear uniforms in public.

Defense Secretary Ash Cater approved immediate steps taken by the military branches to increase security and has told the services to get back to him by the end of next week with additional force protection measures, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement on Friday.

The steps were taken just a day after a gunman attacked two military facilities in Chattanooga, leaving four Marines and one sailor dead. Suspected gunman Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez was killed in the attacks on a joint-service recruiting station and a nearby Navy Operational Support Center.

Dear Secretary Ash Carter:

Thanks for the laugh, and for demonstrating your level of “not getting it.”  Wow.

I’m not one of those guys that thinks that military service ought to be a requirement for becoming President, but you might have convinced me that it should be a requirement for SecDef. I guess you should have stuck with Theoretical Physics and Medieval History.

You’re obviously one of those smart guys that doesn’t understand people – certainly not these people. For people in the military, particularly the Marine Corps, it would never occur to them that going into hiding is the natural response to a threat like this. In fact, it remains part of infantry doctrine that you assault through an ambush – turn into it, swiftly advance upon it, close with and destroy the enemy.

Your response is woefully out of touch with the people for whom you are allegedly responsible. Here’s an idea – maybe you advocate giving America’s Fighting Men the means with which to conduct the fight. After that, you should probably go back to studying quarks.

In summary: You have no idea what it means to have earned the right to wear that uniform, therefore, you should kindly fuck off.

Semper Fidelis

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  1. Sean Hersey
    November 19, 2016

    I am appalled at the douchbagery from the Secretary of defense. I was a recruiter in Kissimmee Fl. I always had a .45 nearby to which I could access at any given time. Either in my briefcase, glove box, or in my desk. It went everywhere with me. And I never had to use it. Fortunately for those who try to do myself, my fellow Marine’s or anyone at my RSS Harm

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