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I was down in RVA this afternoon.  After the fam and I finished up what we were doing, we headed over to Coda for an early dinner.

The wife, through her volunteer work, does a lot of stuff with the Celebrate Virginia Live concert series.  A couple of the head guys at CVL, Dave and Peter, recently opened Coda right next to The National, an great concert venue that was originally built in 1923.  Coda, for the most part, is a sleek and modern space with great food, and some really great cocktails.

Coda Old Fashioned CodaBaconCheese

There’s a dining space and a bar on the street level, and there’s a second dining area downstairs.  The secret, however, is that there’s a second bar downstairs as well, set up like an old speakeasy.  It’s dark, and quiet, and comfortable.  I wish I’d been able to stay down there for the evening – seemed like a great place to hang out and drink.

This isn’t a restaurant review, however.  I only wrote these words as an excuse to post pictures of my drink, and my burger, both of which were delicious.  Doing so without saying something would have been gauche.  Now?  Classy…

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